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We transform spaces for the new economy

Why Redline

We create best-in-class experiences for our tenants and deliver above-market returns for our investors by transforming underperforming properties.

Redline’s principals have an average of 30 years in the commercial real estate business and have completed more than $8 billion in real estate transactions.

We drive value-creation strategies that improve asset quality and maximize property values. We believe superior operations, maintaining properties that promote business growth for our tenants and a first-class tenant experience are the most important elements in real estate ownership.


Redline uses a granular approach to find truly great real estate suffering from short-term distress and transform those assets into spaces adapted for the new economy.


Redline concentrates on key markets in the Carolinas and Minnesota with significant growth characteristics, including Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Greenville and Charleston in the Carolinas and Minneapolis and Rochester in Minnesota. By combining these markets we mitigate portfolio risk, balancing the rapid growth and volatility of the Southeast with the stability of the Midwest

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